Lab Members

Deane Mosher
Principal Investigator

Mats Johansson
Research Professor

Doug Annis
Researcher, Lab Manager

fran fogerty

Fran Fogerty
Senior Scientist

Valeriu Bortnov
IPiB Graduate Student

Josh Mitchell
IPiB Graduate Student

research specialist

Karina Barretto
Medical Student

Sam Zaug
Undergraduate Student

Former Predoctoral Lab Members

wdt_ID Name Degree(s) Years in Mosher Lab Current Occupation
123 Bianca Tomasini BA, PhD 83-88 Senior Scientist Surgery
U. Wisconsin
125 Anne Rosin DVM, MS 84-88 Professor Dermatology
U. Wisconsin
127 Elizabeth Barry BA, PhD 84-89 Assist Prof Epidemiology &
Community and Family Medicine
Dartmouth, NH
130 Fran Fogerty BA, PhD 84-90 Senior Scientist Medicine
U. Wisconsin
132 Xi Sun BS, PhD 86-91 Project Manager CyDex
Lenexa, KS
135 Wenn Sun BS, MS 87-90 Founder, Managing Director CEO
OxOnc Development
137 Steve Bittorf BS, MD/PhD 87-94 Pulmonologist
Green Bay, WI
139 John Watson BS, PhD 88-94 Executive Director, Research
Technology Management
Institut Pasteur Korea, Seoul, S. Korea
142 Chen Hui BS, PhD 89-95 Program Director, Musculoskeletal Diseases
144 Qinghong Zhang BS, PhD 91-97 Assoc Prof Cermatology
U. Colorado, Denver, CO

Former Postdoctoral Lab Members

wdt_ID Name Degree(s) Years in Mosher Lab Current Occupation
258 Jeffrey Grossman MD 79-80 Interim CEO
U. Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
260 Eliot Williams MD/PhD 79-80 Professor of Medicine
U. Wisconsin
262 Brad Schwartz MD 81-82 Director, Morgridge Institute
U. Wisconsin
264 Diane Wierzbicki PhD 81-83 Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Micronics, Redmond, WA
266 Paula McKeown-Longo PhD 82-84 Professor & Director for Cell Biology &
Cancer Research, Albany Med College
268 Marsha Bale Oenick PhD 83-85 Former Director R&D (retired) Ortho
Clinical Diagnostics, Rochester, NY
270 Joanne Murphy-Ullrich PhD 83-86 Professor Pathology & Cell Biology
U. Alabama-Birmingham
272 Donna Pesciotta-Peters PhD 83-85 Professor Pathology
U. Wisconsin
274 Lynn Allen-Hoffmann PhD 84-85 Professor Pathology & Surgery
U. Wisconsin, CEO of Stratatech
276 Linda Bavisotto MD 84-85 Consultant in Clinical Research
Seattle, WA